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The project

The Caatinga Alchemist project is an initiative that aims to promote sustainable development with family farming, the appreciation of products created by popular culture, the biodiversity of the biome.

In addition to primarily using native species from this unique biome, located mostly in northeastern Brazil, one of the project's objectives is to transform natural resources and social technologies that have already suffered degradation processes, and which are considered just commodities, or cheap labor , in manufactured products with high added value, using new technologies in composition and harmony with traditional knowledge.

The Caatinga is a semi-arid biome characterized by vegetation and a population adapted to conditions of water scarcity. Despite its ecological and economic importance, the region still faces challenges such as high migration, desertification processes, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity.

The Caatinga Alchemist project has been reaping the fruits of its work since 2020, starting its creations with CAJU. We have transformed the way of looking at the part of this fruit that has been systematically wasted, the peduncle. It was through him and the social technology of Cajuína production that we created the first cashew sparkling wine in Brazil, and perhaps in the world, which in itself symbolically reverts the value given to a part of the cashew fruit that is still neglected, since only nuts are seen as important for the market.

Our next step is to generate more economic opportunities for local communities, creating techniques and equipment so that family farming can make its own products and find markets that value its work.



Imagem onde tem dois homens escolhendo cajus de uma caixa plastica


More than a decade creating and producing beverages.

Fotografia em close de rosto, aparece uma aba de um chapéu de couro, olhos esverdeados e barba.

Silvanar Soares

Family Farmer, Cultural Agitator, Broadcaster and Creator of the First Vegan Cajuína that respects the methods consecrated by our popular culture.

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